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Your credit score is important. It can determine whether you are about to get a mortgage, a brand-new phone plan and the interest rates you’ll pay on loans.

What is a credit score?
A credit score is a 3-digit number that shows how likely you are to be accepted for credit, the higher the score the more likely you are to be accepted for a credit application

A higher score means lenders see you as lower risk. So, a good score will be good news if you're hoping to get a new credit card, apply for a loan,

Check your credit report
Your credit report contains all the information which makes up your credit score, you can check your score online for free using sites such a Credit Karma and Clearscore. It is important that you take your time to look through it and make sure everything is correct. Mistakes can have a significant impact on your credit score,

Register to vote
Having your current address on your credit report is very important. When you move home, make sure you register to vote at your new address as soon as possible.

Councils send voter data to credit reference agencies once a month, so this can improve your score within eight weeks.

Get credit
Another way to boost your credit score is to get credit. This can be done in a few ways. By either getting yourself a credit card which also acts as a reward card that are ideal for people with a poor credit score. You can also consider getting a short-term loan as another way to improve your credit rating. When you opt for borrowing money, the company will check your credit score and carry out some affordability checks, so being aware of this in advance gives you a head start as it is temporary, makes your score lower. Try not to apply for more than one new credit every 6 months, as this will also affect your score.

Pay your bills on time
There’s no quicker way to hurt your credit score than missing payments, which is why you should always make sure to pay your bills on time. Setting up direct debit can be immensely helpful when you get a payday loan, it helps you demonstrate that you are a reliable borrower. While it’s ideal to pay your balance in full if you’re able, so that you can avoid accruing interest, paying the minimum will still show up as a completed payment on your credit report. It is essential that you compare the many payday loans options out there and make sure you look for short term loans that tell you everything involved in borrowing from them before you commit to lending, so you can be sure that you’re making the best financial decision for you and your personal circumstances.

If you are finding it hard to pay your bills on time, if you find you are struggling often financially, please contact Step Change. Step Change is a debt charity which gives free debt advice & debt management. Step Change is fantastic, they will deal with contacting your lenders, so you don't have to, they are happy to give you advice when you need it.

Keep your balance low
Your credit utilization rate, the amount of available credit you use at any given time, is one of the most important factors in determining your credit scores. Keep your credit usage to no more than 25%. Keep your balance low, as this can lower your credit score and also limit the amount of credit cards with a low APR available to you.

Thursday, October 13, 2022

Wow what a time we are living in. Since the Pandemic there has been a rise of remote working. There's a new need for dedicated spaces that help people stay productive and focused. Office pods offer a unique solution to this problem, and they are a great opportunity for businesses to create modern working environments that are both functional and stylish. Mobile Office Pods are an exciting and dynamic new idea in mobile office space.

So, what is a mobile office pod?
Mobile office pods, also known as zoom rooms, are flexible structures which can adapt to the space available by providing a room within a room. They come flat packed so that they can fit into most spaces and, because they are free-standing units, you can place them pretty much anywhere.

If you are considering looking at a mobile office pod for your workplace, here are 5 reasons to consider buying one.

They provide space to focus
It is well known you can get easily distracted whilst working in an open planned office, especially after working at home during lockdown. An office pod makes balancing work and home life a lot easier because you can concentrate better and be more productive without distraction, which is encourage your workers to come back into the office.

They make the perfect conference rooms
The pods can be used as a meeting room, private workspace, and a phone booth. As they are soundproof, they will ensure that your conversations remain private without worrying about people who may eavesdrop during your meetings. Which is ideal with the rise of zoom, Microsoft team and video conference calls with more and more people working remotely.

They are easy to decorate
Decorating a home office and thinking about both garden office interior design and the products you need for a comfortable home working environment, it’s important to balance the practical elements with products that will make your room look super stylish. Choosing items such as a Ergonomic office chair to support your back, blinds to control sunlight and to keep the heat in or out or having a chill out area with a hammock in the corner.

Speedy Construction
You can order a pod and get it installed within weeks, unlike the common alternative of having to get planning permission and go through the long and costly process of erecting an extension to your office space. They are available in various shapes, styles, and sizes to make sure they can fit perfectly within most buildings.

They are mobile
They can be dismantled, moved around and assembled over and over again due to their lightweight aluminium frame. Meaning that businesses can take their pods with them whenever they decide to move properties. 

Cost Effective 
Office pods are a great cost-effective solution. Buying a Mobile Office Pod will work out cheaper than renting out more office space. They can also become an investment for your company if you decide to rent out your office pod to the public and make it a coworking space.

These are just 5 reasons why a mobile office pod may be suitable for your workplace. With more office workers moving to a hybrid way of remote and in office working, creating the perfect working environment.

Tuesday, October 4, 2022

The decision of where you send your child to school is a big one. It will not only impact their grades and future but also the person that they grow up to be. There are a number of things to consider like how they will get there, the curriculum that they follow, facilities available and the support that they provide. It can all seem overwhelming which is why we’ve created this guide which features a checklist and our top tips.

The most obvious consideration is location. You will need to ensure that your child’s school is accessible, with good transport routes and links. If you’re unable to drop them to school, would you feel comfortable with them taking the public transport options available and are they reliable? While they seem like small details, they can impact attendance and punctuality.

School Inspections
Schools must be investigated objectively and the results of these are available on the government website. They state findings clearly on areas such as leadership to how they accommodate students with educational needs.

Performance is another area that’s covered. While it’s individual, patterns can show you whether there’s an issue and whether the school that you’re looking at is able to adequately prepare their students for the future.

Take Your Child with You
The decision is just as much yours as it is your child’s. It’s the place that they will be studying for the next few years and should be a place that they feel comfortable with. Taking them to open days will allow you to find the place where they are the happiest and feel motivated to go to school.

Facilities are just as important as the teaching that a school provides as they facilitate learning. For a child that’s passionate about swimming, access to an onsite swimming pool can do wonders for their development and progress as they have the means to practice and improve.

We all have things that we’re good at. Working out what they are at an early age can help children to make the necessary steps for a bright and successful future. Extracurricular activities are a good way for your child to test things, see what they're good at and work on new skills. It also gives them something to look forward to at school which can boost their motivation and attendance. Besides these, there are many more advantages to taking up extra-curricular activities. Here are some that were shared by Rowan Prep School in Surrey.

Improved Confidence
As they find what they are good at, develop new skills and improve on them, your child’s confidence will grow. As we know, confidence is the key to achieving your full potential. Without it, children are less likely to put themselves out there, take opportunities and grow themselves.

From an employer's standpoint, extracurricular activities demonstrate passion, commitment, and dedication. They come with an additional layer of responsibility which not many take on board. Also, they are given a bit of insight and background as to who they are and their capabilities. At a young age it can be hard for children to gain work experience. Skills can be developed through means such as an extracurricular activity, boosting their employability.

Time Management
As mentioned earlier, extracurricular activities bring responsibilities along with them. Children must commit to their regular sessions and possibly do work outside of those to practice. This means having to juggle and prioritise, teaching them how to manage their time in the most efficient way.

Above all, they can have fun. Learning is fun and children can explore things that they otherwise wouldn’t be able to in class like chess. During their sessions, they can meet others just like them and make new friends.

It’s nice to know what your child’s been up to throughout the day, especially as you’ve not seen them for most of it. Paying an interest can help you to strengthen your relationship and show them that you care about them and their education. It also allows you to be a hands-on parent and take charge of their learning. You can identify whether they’re struggling and look for help. The research doesn’t argue with this either as children whose parents play an active role in their education perform better at school. If you would like ideas on how you can be more involved, take a look at the ones below from a private school in Harrow.

Help with Homework
Homework supports school work as it makes sure that children practice what they’ve been taught at school and familiarise themselves with the new content. It also gives teachers an indication as to whether their students need further support. Some children fail to get this done which puts them at a disadvantage. This can be because of confusion on what they’ve been asked or a lack of motivation. By sitting with your child while they do their homework, you can make sure that it’s completed and help them to understand what they need to do so they are not just sitting there stuck.

Have Your Say
Another is to be an active voice in the parent community. Schools value parents and their ideas which is why many have a PTA - parent teacher association. You can voice your concerns and directly influence the quality of education that your child receives.

Look Up the Curriculum
School seems like so long ago. The curriculum has seen some changes since and by looking into it, you will have a better idea as to what your child is doing at school and where they may need help.

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Guest Posting
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