6 reasons Why mobile Office Pods Should Be Used in the Workplace*

Wow what a time we are living in. Since the Pandemic there has been a rise of remote working. There's a new need for dedicated spaces that help people stay productive and focused. Office pods offer a unique solution to this problem, and they are a great opportunity for businesses to create modern working environments that are both functional and stylish. Mobile Office Pods are an exciting and dynamic new idea in mobile office space.

So, what is a mobile office pod?
Mobile office pods, also known as zoom rooms, are flexible structures which can adapt to the space available by providing a room within a room. They come flat packed so that they can fit into most spaces and, because they are free-standing units, you can place them pretty much anywhere.

If you are considering looking at a mobile office pod for your workplace, here are 5 reasons to consider buying one.

They provide space to focus
It is well known you can get easily distracted whilst working in an open planned office, especially after working at home during lockdown. An office pod makes balancing work and home life a lot easier because you can concentrate better and be more productive without distraction, which is encourage your workers to come back into the office.

They make the perfect conference rooms
The pods can be used as a meeting room, private workspace, and a phone booth. As they are soundproof, they will ensure that your conversations remain private without worrying about people who may eavesdrop during your meetings. Which is ideal with the rise of zoom, Microsoft team and video conference calls with more and more people working remotely.

They are easy to decorate
Decorating a home office and thinking about both garden office interior design and the products you need for a comfortable home working environment, it’s important to balance the practical elements with products that will make your room look super stylish. Choosing items such as a Ergonomic office chair to support your back, blinds to control sunlight and to keep the heat in or out or having a chill out area with a hammock in the corner.

Speedy Construction
You can order a pod and get it installed within weeks, unlike the common alternative of having to get planning permission and go through the long and costly process of erecting an extension to your office space. They are available in various shapes, styles, and sizes to make sure they can fit perfectly within most buildings.

They are mobile
They can be dismantled, moved around and assembled over and over again due to their lightweight aluminium frame. Meaning that businesses can take their pods with them whenever they decide to move properties. 

Cost Effective 
Office pods are a great cost-effective solution. Buying a Mobile Office Pod will work out cheaper than renting out more office space. They can also become an investment for your company if you decide to rent out your office pod to the public and make it a coworking space.

These are just 5 reasons why a mobile office pod may be suitable for your workplace. With more office workers moving to a hybrid way of remote and in office working, creating the perfect working environment.

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