The Benefits of Extra Curricular Activities for Children*

We all have things that we’re good at. Working out what they are at an early age can help children to make the necessary steps for a bright and successful future. Extracurricular activities are a good way for your child to test things, see what they're good at and work on new skills. It also gives them something to look forward to at school which can boost their motivation and attendance. Besides these, there are many more advantages to taking up extra-curricular activities. Here are some that were shared by Rowan Prep School in Surrey.

Improved Confidence
As they find what they are good at, develop new skills and improve on them, your child’s confidence will grow. As we know, confidence is the key to achieving your full potential. Without it, children are less likely to put themselves out there, take opportunities and grow themselves.

From an employer's standpoint, extracurricular activities demonstrate passion, commitment, and dedication. They come with an additional layer of responsibility which not many take on board. Also, they are given a bit of insight and background as to who they are and their capabilities. At a young age it can be hard for children to gain work experience. Skills can be developed through means such as an extracurricular activity, boosting their employability.

Time Management
As mentioned earlier, extracurricular activities bring responsibilities along with them. Children must commit to their regular sessions and possibly do work outside of those to practice. This means having to juggle and prioritise, teaching them how to manage their time in the most efficient way.

Above all, they can have fun. Learning is fun and children can explore things that they otherwise wouldn’t be able to in class like chess. During their sessions, they can meet others just like them and make new friends.

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