How to Make Money from Blogging*

A blog is a great asset for any website. It creates a space for you to share insight and shed light on your expertise, away from your main product and service pages. From an SEO perspective, it can help you to bring relevant visitors to your website as you can target informational keywords and phrases. With quality content, you can also boost your site authority and secure higher rankings. You don’t need to be a business to make money from blogging though. You can go it solo as an individual blogger and write what you’re passionate about. We’ve teamed up with a digital agency that provides marketing for schools in Hertfordshire for some of their top tips.

Sell Your Products
If you’ve got an entrepreneurial side, why not use the platform that you’ve created to sell products and services related to your niche? Or if that’s too out of your comfort zone, why not sell for others through an affiliate programme? Businesses like Amazon recognise the influence that content creators have on customers and work with them to promote their products. They offer a commission for every product sold using their unique, trackable links. In line with the rules set out by the ASA (Advertising Standards Authority), paid promotions must be declared. This is important to be mindful of to avoid fines and penalties.

Guest Posting
Another means is guest posting. For good SEO, you will need to build strong on-page and off-page content. Off page content refers to content elsewhere on the internet. If you have an authoritative site, others may approach you to work on collaborative content featuring backlinks. This will help them yield better rankings and give the opportunity to make money from publishing content.

Google Ads
Lastly, we have ads. You can run display ads on your website and be paid directly from Google for the clicks generated as a result. As this is dependent on click throughs, the benefit really depends on the traffic that your site brings in.

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