Top Tips for Choosing the Right School for Your Child*

The decision of where you send your child to school is a big one. It will not only impact their grades and future but also the person that they grow up to be. There are a number of things to consider like how they will get there, the curriculum that they follow, facilities available and the support that they provide. It can all seem overwhelming which is why we’ve created this guide which features a checklist and our top tips.

The most obvious consideration is location. You will need to ensure that your child’s school is accessible, with good transport routes and links. If you’re unable to drop them to school, would you feel comfortable with them taking the public transport options available and are they reliable? While they seem like small details, they can impact attendance and punctuality.

School Inspections
Schools must be investigated objectively and the results of these are available on the government website. They state findings clearly on areas such as leadership to how they accommodate students with educational needs.

Performance is another area that’s covered. While it’s individual, patterns can show you whether there’s an issue and whether the school that you’re looking at is able to adequately prepare their students for the future.

Take Your Child with You
The decision is just as much yours as it is your child’s. It’s the place that they will be studying for the next few years and should be a place that they feel comfortable with. Taking them to open days will allow you to find the place where they are the happiest and feel motivated to go to school.

Facilities are just as important as the teaching that a school provides as they facilitate learning. For a child that’s passionate about swimming, access to an onsite swimming pool can do wonders for their development and progress as they have the means to practice and improve.

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