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Who doesn’t know somebody with a horror story about delayed, or worse, lost luggage? We all know what a terrible feeling it is. Losing luggage can be intense, draining, and distressing.

Discover how to avoid the hassle of lost luggage and keep airlines from losing your bag with these tips.

Remove any old baggage labels
To avoid any confusion, make sure you take off any claim tags you may have on your luggage from previous trips. When dropping off luggage, double check your bag is tagged to its correct final destination. Often, busy agents may put the wrong label on the right suitcase.

Take a picture of your luggage

Be sure to take a picture of the outside of your bag to help airline staff to identify your luggage, the inside of your bag in case you need to file an insurance claim for the contents, your claim ticket in case you lose it. Invest in a GPS Tracker Luggage locking and tracking devices are a great way to ensure you know where your luggage is every step of the way. You’ll find that there are different GPS trackers on the market, so whatever you’re looking for you should be able to find something that suits you.

The Easy Finder 4G is lightweight and small enough to discretely fit into your suitcase, backpack, and even your handbag. A GPS tracking device that can be used in computers, tablets, and smartphones making it easy to track your luggage wherever you are and has up to 14 days of battery life in standby mode.

Customise your luggage
Everyone has the same plain black luggage. Ever been waiting at the luggage claim, waiting and waiting, when the bags finally start to drop... They all look the same. You can make your suitcase stand out by wrapping a colour ribbon or scarf on the handle, putting on an eye-catching luggage tag or adding some fun stickers to your suitcase.

Arrive at the Airport early
Travellers that check in late are more likely to be separated from their bags. Baggage handlers need time to process luggage and load it on to the plane, so the later you arrive the less time they have to make sure your bags follow you to your destination.

Invest in travel insurance
Having insurance is the best way to make sure that you can recoup any losses. Baggage insurance for carry-on bags is even more important b
ecause the airline is not required to reimburse people if something happens to them.

Thursday, August 18, 2022

In today's competitive job market, employers are looking for it all. They require you to have a degree, extracurricular hobbies and, on top of that, previous professional experience. With more and more candidates boasting all of these qualities, employers are looking for that something extra on a CV.

If you are looking to apply for an international internship soon, here are some benefits you can look forward to gain from in the future;

The Connections

If you are seeking International Business Internships work experience, it will be crucial to gain a global network. The first step to building a global network can be done from the comfort of your own home through a remote internship. Besides, having a successful internship experience with a reference could help you when applying for jobs in the future as you are more qualified for future international positions and projects.

Foreign Language Experience

Being bilingual is an extremely desirable skill. As more and more companies begin to operate internally, young professionals with foreign language skills will be at the forefront. An international internship is the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself, whether you are a complete beginner or have taken classes before. While the adjustment may certainly prove challenging, full language immersion is a fantastic way to become fluent in a second language

It's a CV booster

When you start searching for a full-time position, most employers will ask for references. They want to know that someone else vouches for your abilities and would recommend you. Developing references is a crucial part of any internship. Get to know your supervisors and co-workers, and even look for a professional mentor. Keep in mind that every professional experience is an opportunity for a great recommendation in the future. When you leave your home country, you will be constantly exposed to customs and practices that are different from what you are used to. Regardless of how many internships or jobs you have had at home, there is nothing more rewarding than being able to navigate a new business culture. Business etiquette differs from country to country, and successful global professionals will be familiar with the ins and outs.

You can make your transition from University life to the real world a bit easier

The time between University and the beginning of your career is the best time to travel for many reasons. To begin with, you are young, free, and generally eager to experience the world at large. Looking ahead, after you’ve settled into a career path, you will likely find the time and resources to live abroad for an extended period of time to be very difficult to come by. Another benefit of doing internship abroad is the chance to proactively tackle the Hussle and bustle of the professional world and take the opportunity to have a definitive experience abroad

​Skill building

In addition to soft skills such as communication, leadership and organisation, you will also be looking to sharpen your industry-specific skills. The best place to apply what you have learned in your courses is in the office. After completing an internship, you will be able to show future employers that you not only understand theory, but that you have the technical skills to back it up. 

Gets your foot in the door

In today's competitive job market, many young people face a tough time standing out from the crowd. You need to have experience in order to get experience. An internship allows you to get your foot in the door and make the job search so much easier and more rewarding.

You get to travel the world

One of the obvious benefits of internship is you get to travel to new and wonderful places. If you love travelling and exploring new places. An internship aboard is the perfect excuses to see more of the world. You will not only get to live and be immersed in a new city, you will have the opportunity to travel and explore in your free time.

Making new friend

As an intern aboard, you will be surrounded by young professionals who are just as passionate and driven as you. From living together in a new city, to overcoming language barriers together and exploring your host country, these are the types of experiences that bring people together.

We have only scratched the surface of the numerous benefits of an internship abroad, International internships are incredibly worthwhile endeavours that everyone should seek out in order to be successful in the rapidly globalising world of today.

Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Falling pregnant can be difficult and it may lead you to wonder about your fertility and what can be done to help it. Many factors cannot be controlled such as medical issues which affect the ability to fall pregnant. However, lifestyle choices also play a huge role when it comes to fertility and conceiving. Here is a compilation of lifestyle decisions that impact fertility.

To begin, female fertility is a woman’s ability to conceive a biological child. If you and your partner have been frequently trying to get pregnant for at least a year with no success, you may find you start to question your fertility. Some major causes of fertility problems are:

  • Lack of regular ovulation
  • Blocked or damaged fallopian tubes
  • Endometriosis
  • Fibroids
  • Pelvic inflammatory diseases

What can be done to promote fertility?

  • Maintain a healthy weight. Being overweight or underweight can have a significant effect on the capability of being able to conceive. You’ve got to remember, that the body has to grow and protect the child through pregnancy, so an unhealthy body will be unable to provide this for the unborn child.
  • Prevent STIs. Infections such as chlamydia are a big cause when it comes to female infertility.
  • Keep a healthy sleeping pattern. Many regularly work throughout the night which can affect hormone production and lead to high risks of infertility. Having a sleep routine will allow your body to heal and regenerate. If you are unable to avoid night shifts, ensure you get enough sleep throughout the day.

What to avoid:

  • Stay away from smoking. Tobacco use is commonly associated with risks of infertility. Not only does it ruin your lungs, but it ages your ovaries and consumes your eggs prematurely. If smoking is an issue, try and get some support if you’re trying to quit.
  • Limit alcohol consumption. Heavy drinking can lead to disorders in the ovaries. If you’d like to get pregnant, consider cutting out alcohol entirely. Abstinence is recommended whilst conceiving and through pregnancy too.
  • If your caffeine intake is quite high, limit your allowance to one or two small cups a day.
  • Overexercising can also be a reason you are struggling to fall pregnant. A hormone called progesterone is produced when too much physical activity takes place. Limit yourself to less than 5 hours a week if you are already quite healthy.
  • Avoid toxins. Cleaning products, as well as pollution, are just small things to try and keep away from whilst trying to improve fertility rates.

The bottom line is that if you’re thinking about becoming pregnant and are concerned about the impact of lifestyle choices, consider contacting your local GP for further advice.

A confident child means a successful child right? Right from birth, children pick up a hefty amount of skills at a very fast rate. Alongside these, they build the confidence to use them. To thrive, children need to trust their capabilities and where they can take them. Handling failure also comes with great levels of confidence. Developing a healthy level of self-confidence should be the main goal. 

Here are some tips from a sixth-form college in London on how to do this.

  • Start by modelling the confidence yourself. Even if you find yourself struggling sometimes, seeing you tackle and overcome difficulties will create a great example for your child. It doesn’t mean focusing on problems or being perfect all the time, it means showing them that problems will arise but they can be solved too.
  • Don’t let your child focus too much on mistakes. Ensure your child knows that making mistakes is normal and one of the best ways to become better at something by experiencing what not to do. Confident people don’t let failure stop them from getting what they want because they know how to handle setbacks.
  • Praise their efforts. Persevering is not easy and doesn’t come easily either. Sometimes, after continuously trying and seeing no results, it is easy to want to give up.
  • Praise perseverance and help your child understand that falling back does not mean it is the end. Ensure that they keep going and don’t feel distressed.
  • Celebrate efforts. Praising children is important when it comes to boosting their confidence but letting them know you are proud of their efforts no matter the outcome has a bigger impact. It takes a lot to develop a new skill and work at improving it so ensure your child feels confident in the work they put in.Don’t forget to show your child plenty of love too. Winning or losing shouldn’t be what’s on their mind at the end of a child, but the acknowledgement of effort instead. Make sure your child acknowledges their abilities and understands how valuable self-worth and confidence are.

What a child brings to the classroom matters just as much as what they pick up inside it too. Our world comes with many high expectations where GCSEs and further education are the bare minimum. The good news is, that a child’s potential can be easily developed through simple tasks and activities outside of school too. It doesn’t mean to become perfect at Pythagoras theorem, but create a better learning attitude for your child before even attending school. here is some advice from a private school in Harpenden on how to help your child succeed in school.

1. Teach your child to take failure as a lesson. Majority of the time. Failure can be the reason or many to stop following their dreams or feel discouraged from carrying on. Ensure your child knows that everyone starts from the bottom and works their way up to the top. Encourage your child to use their failure to pick themselves up and try again. Learning from old mistakes is the only way to continue climbing the ladder successfully. Learn not to overpraise. Explain that everyone has different talents and also weaknesses. Overpraising can lead a child to believe they are great at everything and later struggle when it comes to bumps in the road.

2. Make learning fun. Learning becomes difficult when viewed as a chore. Mental blocks mainly arise in subjects that you’ve conditioned yourself to believe you aren’t good at. A good mood and better learning mentality lead to a smarter, more engaged and creative individual who is resilient when it comes to hardships in school. Making learning fun also makes learning easier.

3. Allow your child to follow their passion. In a world where opportunities are vast, it is important to be good at a selected number of things rather than trying to excel at everything. Find what your child enjoys and allow them to dig deep when it comes to mastering it. Don’t forget to praise them for their efforts and encourage them to keep going.

Overall, the encouragement and mindset taught are what will help your child succeed in school. Children want to feel their efforts are being noticed so do your best to keep your child happy and content throughout their learning experience.

Railway sleepers are some of the most popular choices when it comes to landscaping. Not only are these wooden brown railways sleepers cost-effective and versatile, but they add a rustic feel to even modern spaces. The best part is, that they are durable which gives them a wide range of choices when it comes to setting them. They are most popular when it comes to raised garden beds, steps, lawn edgings and sometimes garden furniture. If you’d like to find out ways to use railway sleepers in your garden, keep on reading.

Raised garden beds
Railway sleepers are ideal when it comes to assembling raised garden beds. This can be for either flowers or fresh produce, the choice is yours. Not only is this a great way to create an area where you can grow plants, but it fits the modern aesthetic in most gardens and keeps the area looking neat and stylish. It can be placed in different elevations to create a pattern that is great for flowers. If there is no use later on for the raised bed, take out the soil and fill it with sand for your child.

Steps and stairways
The original style of slabs for stairs can look dull when it comes to redesigning the outdoor space. The use of brown railway sleepers is ideal for steps and stairways due to their rustic woody look as well as their durability. Sleepers can be placed as stepping points with filler such as soil, slate and gravel going in between. A popular option is creating stairways using sleepers. With the addition of plants and lights on either side, it creates a much softer and more attractive area in the garden.

Garden furniture
For those who like chunky and rustic-looking furniture in their garden, sleepers are the best bet. Whether it comes to choosing complex or simple designs, the options for creating a unique piece of furniture are endless. With the use of screws and paint, the garden can be transformed instantly with the addition of these new benches and tables.

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