How to use railways sleepers in your garden*

Railway sleepers are some of the most popular choices when it comes to landscaping. Not only are these wooden brown railways sleepers cost-effective and versatile, but they add a rustic feel to even modern spaces. The best part is, that they are durable which gives them a wide range of choices when it comes to setting them. They are most popular when it comes to raised garden beds, steps, lawn edgings and sometimes garden furniture. If you’d like to find out ways to use railway sleepers in your garden, keep on reading.

Raised garden beds
Railway sleepers are ideal when it comes to assembling raised garden beds. This can be for either flowers or fresh produce, the choice is yours. Not only is this a great way to create an area where you can grow plants, but it fits the modern aesthetic in most gardens and keeps the area looking neat and stylish. It can be placed in different elevations to create a pattern that is great for flowers. If there is no use later on for the raised bed, take out the soil and fill it with sand for your child.

Steps and stairways
The original style of slabs for stairs can look dull when it comes to redesigning the outdoor space. The use of brown railway sleepers is ideal for steps and stairways due to their rustic woody look as well as their durability. Sleepers can be placed as stepping points with filler such as soil, slate and gravel going in between. A popular option is creating stairways using sleepers. With the addition of plants and lights on either side, it creates a much softer and more attractive area in the garden.

Garden furniture
For those who like chunky and rustic-looking furniture in their garden, sleepers are the best bet. Whether it comes to choosing complex or simple designs, the options for creating a unique piece of furniture are endless. With the use of screws and paint, the garden can be transformed instantly with the addition of these new benches and tables.

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