How to raise a confident child*

A confident child means a successful child right? Right from birth, children pick up a hefty amount of skills at a very fast rate. Alongside these, they build the confidence to use them. To thrive, children need to trust their capabilities and where they can take them. Handling failure also comes with great levels of confidence. Developing a healthy level of self-confidence should be the main goal. 

Here are some tips from a sixth-form college in London on how to do this.

  • Start by modelling the confidence yourself. Even if you find yourself struggling sometimes, seeing you tackle and overcome difficulties will create a great example for your child. It doesn’t mean focusing on problems or being perfect all the time, it means showing them that problems will arise but they can be solved too.
  • Don’t let your child focus too much on mistakes. Ensure your child knows that making mistakes is normal and one of the best ways to become better at something by experiencing what not to do. Confident people don’t let failure stop them from getting what they want because they know how to handle setbacks.
  • Praise their efforts. Persevering is not easy and doesn’t come easily either. Sometimes, after continuously trying and seeing no results, it is easy to want to give up.
  • Praise perseverance and help your child understand that falling back does not mean it is the end. Ensure that they keep going and don’t feel distressed.
  • Celebrate efforts. Praising children is important when it comes to boosting their confidence but letting them know you are proud of their efforts no matter the outcome has a bigger impact. It takes a lot to develop a new skill and work at improving it so ensure your child feels confident in the work they put in.Don’t forget to show your child plenty of love too. Winning or losing shouldn’t be what’s on their mind at the end of a child, but the acknowledgement of effort instead. Make sure your child acknowledges their abilities and understands how valuable self-worth and confidence are.

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