Helping your child succeed in school*

What a child brings to the classroom matters just as much as what they pick up inside it too. Our world comes with many high expectations where GCSEs and further education are the bare minimum. The good news is, that a child’s potential can be easily developed through simple tasks and activities outside of school too. It doesn’t mean to become perfect at Pythagoras theorem, but create a better learning attitude for your child before even attending school. here is some advice from a private school in Harpenden on how to help your child succeed in school.

1. Teach your child to take failure as a lesson. Majority of the time. Failure can be the reason or many to stop following their dreams or feel discouraged from carrying on. Ensure your child knows that everyone starts from the bottom and works their way up to the top. Encourage your child to use their failure to pick themselves up and try again. Learning from old mistakes is the only way to continue climbing the ladder successfully. Learn not to overpraise. Explain that everyone has different talents and also weaknesses. Overpraising can lead a child to believe they are great at everything and later struggle when it comes to bumps in the road.

2. Make learning fun. Learning becomes difficult when viewed as a chore. Mental blocks mainly arise in subjects that you’ve conditioned yourself to believe you aren’t good at. A good mood and better learning mentality lead to a smarter, more engaged and creative individual who is resilient when it comes to hardships in school. Making learning fun also makes learning easier.

3. Allow your child to follow their passion. In a world where opportunities are vast, it is important to be good at a selected number of things rather than trying to excel at everything. Find what your child enjoys and allow them to dig deep when it comes to mastering it. Don’t forget to praise them for their efforts and encourage them to keep going.

Overall, the encouragement and mindset taught are what will help your child succeed in school. Children want to feel their efforts are being noticed so do your best to keep your child happy and content throughout their learning experience.

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