Top Tips for Helping Your Child Prepare for the School Bus*

Depending on how far you live, your child may need to take the school bus. This can be a big step, especially if they have not gone anywhere by themselves before. To help with the nerves and ensure that everything runs smoothly, here are some tips put together by a private school in North London.

Build Their Excitement
Travelling to school alone is a big step and something your child should be proud they can do. So that they aren’t so scared, build their confidence and excitement by reassuring them that they will be okay and use praise.

Do The Journey with Them
If you’re worried about how they will adjust, you can always do a few journeys ahead of time using public transport. This will give them an idea of what to do when they get on and off the bus and make the step seem less scary.

Find Them a Buddy
If you know of any other children taking the same school bus, why not speak to their parents and find them a buddy. This can help make things a little less scary and give them a friend to talk to on their travels.

Prepare for The Unexpected
There are also unexpected events that your child will need to be prepared for, such as the bus not turning up. Talking about what to do in these circumstances can help children feel less afraid and promptly make a decision about what to do, e.g., calling their parents or finding an alternative means of transport.

Stranger Danger
Sadly, there are dangers that children must be warned against, such as speaking to strangers. This isn’t so much an issue if the school bus will take them straight to school from near home but is something they should be taught regardless.

Depending on what the route looks like for your child and their exact mode of transport, the steps you will need to take will vary.

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