How to Raise an Environmentally Conscious Child*

As we’re all aware, climate change is a growing concern, and we must all do our bit to protect the planet. Children should be educated on the matter and do their part as well as adults and is especially important now as it is central to how we go about day-to-day life. Below is some advice from an independent school in Warwickshire for parents.

Explain Why They Must Be Environmentally Responsible
Start by explaining the importance of environmental responsibility and the challenges the planet’s facing. This will help them understand why more must be done and encourage them to do their bit.

What You Can Do as a Family
There are a number of things that you can start doing as a family to reduce your carbon footprint, such as turning electronics off when not in use and switching them off at the mains as opposed to leaving them on standby. Travel is another area to look at. While it’s convenient, driving adds to air pollution and burns finite fossil fuels.
 The journey to and from school is one families do almost daily, with the exception being the school holidays and the weekends. By cutting down on these trips, you can minimise harm done to the environment and also instil healthy habits.

Upcycling Projects
We’ve become extremely wasteful as a society. Instead of mending items, we throw them away. Materials such as plastic have a long-life span and can be used again with a little creativity. You can work on projects and look at how irreparable items can be upcycled into new pieces. Milk bottles for example can be turned into watering cans for the garden, and old knits can be used to recreate new garments.

Set a Good Example
For children to go out of their way and do their bit, they need a good role model to set an example and champion them to do the right thing. Even making use of services such as and telling your children about this is a great way to lead by example. 

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