What Are the Benefits of Performing Arts for Children?*

At school children have the option to choose from a wide variety of subjects such as performing arts where they can explore acting and other talents such as singing and dancing. In addition to the skills mentioned, it can help immensely with their confidence and abilities such as emotional intelligence. Below are some key points shared with us by a performing arts school in London on how the subject can be beneficial for children.

Children need a degree of confidence to perform in front of others and is gradually built up through stage experience. Through the process they can learn to manage their nerves and become used to presenting themselves.

Body Language
To act well, children must have a good grasp of body language and understand how to replicate certain emotions. This can make them better readers of body language.

Communication Skills
Performing also relies on good communication skills both on and off stage. Children must work effectively with others and communicate clearly and effectively when reading their lines.

Going back to the point above, there are several components to putting on a good performance and children who are acting must learn to work with an entire team.

Build Other Skills
Performing presents children, the opportunity to explore other talents such as singing and dancing.

Strengthens Memory
For shows that they put on, children must remember their words, and choreography if they are dancing. This relies upon and promotes good memory.

Problem Solving
In the event that a problem arises, or they forget their words, children may need to improvise and use their problem-solving skills. This teaches them how to respond to issues calmly and effectively.

There are of course some great benefits to studying performing arts. For children to see full benefit, it should be something they actively want to pursue.

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