How to Support Your Child with their GCSEs*

Exam season is always a stressful time for all involved, including students, parents and teachers. Whilst many students find the initial examination process daunting, it is important to understand that each stage of learning is different, with GCSEs marking the first time a student will sit exams that play a vital role in their future of academics. As a parent, you will always want the best for your child, especially when it comes to academic success and their future. GCSEs are definitely a crucial milestone in their journey, with your added support having a significant impact on their success. Continue reading for some advice from this private school in London, on how to support your child with their GCSEs.

Encourage a balanced routine
GCSEs will come with an abundance of studies that need completing on top of other school tasks, which is why it is important your child has a balanced routine in place to ensure they get everything done without feeling burnt out. Encourage them to create a study timetable that includes designated time slots for each subject. You can actually sit with them whilst they create it as it may give them the push they need. This structured approach is great as it will help them manage their time effectively and avoid feeling overwhelmed. Make sure they include breaks in between study sessions to relax and recharge. Show them how to prioritise their tasks and to avoid last minute cramming by planning everything well in advance. By establishing a routine early on, your child will be able to develop good study habits that will ensure productivity in the long run.

Provide an appropriate study environment
The space your child studies in plays a huge part in how effective their study sessions are. Create a quiet and comfortable study environment at home as your child will need a space where they can concentrate and focus without distractions. Take some time to find a workspace that is well lit and comfortable to studying. Gather the necessary study materials such as stationary, textbooks, and notebooks, and keeping them within easy reach will ensure they avoid distraction. Treat their study time like a job, and ensure the house is quiet to minimise disruptions, as this optimises their concentration and productivity.

Supporting your child during their GCSEs is crucial for their academic success as well their wellbeing. By implementing the strategies above, you can help your child navigate through this challenging and daunting time with nothing but confidence. Best of luck!

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