The Benefits of School Trips for Children*

School trips aren’t just a fun day off school for children, they are actually very beneficial for a range of reasons. They can begin as early as nursery level and take students on a range of amazing adventures they’ll never forget. I’ve teamed up with a private school in Surrey to explore the benefits of school trips in further detail below.

Helps Children and Teachers to Bond
Spending time outside of the classroom together is a great way for children to bond with their peers and get to know their teachers a little better. By improving these relationships, children are in a better position to enjoy classroom learning more, because they are doing so with people they have connected with.

Encourages Independence
Depending on the child’s age, school trips are great for helping youngsters become more independent. They have to take care of their belongings and manage money, amongst other things, without their parents there to tell them what to do. What’s more, they might have to speak to strangers to ask for directions or any number of other reasons, which will help them become more confident being away from home and out of their comfort zone.

Heightens Learning

Not all students learn well by reading from a textbook. Experiencing things in real life is a great way to bring learning to life and makes it more memorable. It will be far easier for students to recall information in their exams if that information is attached to a fond memory of a school trip.

Inspires Good Behaviour
If children have a school trip to look forward to, they might feel more motivated to work hard and behave well in class. This is a great way for teachers to keep their class in check!

As well as the benefits listed above, school trips are great fun for kids. After months of studying, it’s nice for them to let their hair down and enjoy themselves outside of the four walls of their usual classroom.

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