The Best Cities in Texas for Retirees*

Retirement is an exciting part of life that lets you stop and slow down for a while. It's vital that you pick the right area for retirement, or you could find yourself living in an area that doesn't match your needs.

Texas is a vast state with countless types of cities to suit anyone's wishes! If you're eager to move somewhere fresh and aren't sure where to land: consider retiring in one of these areas.

If you love live music and want to live somewhere that feels like paradise, it's time to head to Austin! This fantastic city has everything from incredible music venues to the best food in the state. Although it's a younger crowd, this is a wonderful place to retire if you want to stay young at heart.

Not only are the roads walkable, but there's so much to do and see here that you'll never run out of fun and interesting activities. This is the best destination for anyone who still feels like they're in their 20s or 30s!

El Paso
Not only is El Paso houses for sale the most affordable on this list, but this community is such a perfect mix of a big city and small town that anyone could fall in love with it! As a border town, El Paso has a wonderful blend of American and Mexican cultures that lets you feel like you live in some third different country somewhere in the middle.

There's a lot to see and do here, and the locals are always welcoming and excited to meet some fresh faces. The low air-moisture content will ensure your joints are a lot nicer to you as well.

Houston should be considered because of how many older and retiree groups there are! Countless people retiree here and enjoy the year-round golf courses, the incredible views, and the short two-hour drive to the beach.

Houston is also one of the most affordable cities on this list! Here you can really dive into the arts or enjoy watching the Astros play live! There's so much to do and see here that you'll never want to leave once you land.

Just a couple of minutes outside of Dallas, Arlington gets the charm of big-city living without all of the terrible traffic. This city is home to the Dallas Cowboys and their cheerleaders! Here you can enjoy the great local walks through history, the fantastic trails for biking and hiking, and the fantastic sense of community amongst local retired people!

San Antonio
With the oldest average age in Texas, San Antonio has been a hotspot for retirees for ages! This city offers individuals the opportunity to escape into a community of like-minded people who are the same age and get to feel like they're the norm. Here you can connect with plenty of elderly and retiree communities, and you'll feel like you belong!

Texas is a Retiree’s Dream

Whether you want to live in a metropolitan area or you're more into the idea of a rural town, any of the cities in Texas will pleasantly surprise you! Consider moving to the Lone Star State soon!

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