How to Prepare for Kitchen Renovations*

If you’re planning to renovate your kitchen, it’s likely you’re feeling an array of emotions, from excitement to dread. It’s a big project and will likely mean you won’t have anywhere to prepare your food for some time, not to mention all of the noise and the dreaded dust. Then there’s the costs to consider. The good news is, with the right level of preparation, the project should run seamlessly. Read on for some tips from a bespoke kitchen design company in Islington.

Remove Everything from the Kitchen

This won’t be a fun task, but it's important to remove all loose items from your kitchen so that the workmen have an empty space to work with. Add labels to your packaging so that returning items once the project is done will be easy. It’s probably worth ditching anything that’s close to its use-by date as well and be ruthless with any old crockery you think is past its best.

Arrange a Provisional Kitchen
Of course, you’ll still need to eat while the renovation works are underway, so unless you plan on eating out every night you should try and arrange for a temporary kitchen area to be built. You’ll need a water source, and you can move your fridge and microwave into the temporary space. You just might have to go without an oven and stove for the time being.

Ensure the Space is Safe
This is particularly important if you have children or pets but restricting the work area is crucial if you want to keep everyone safe. There will likely be sharp objects and dangerous tools lying around that you won’t want your kids to get their hands on.

Alert the Neighbours
It would be considerate to let your neighbours know you are going to be having some construction work done so that they can make alternative arrangements to avoid the noise if possible.

It may feel impossible at times but try your best to remain calm during the project – it will certainly be worth it in the long run and will likely increase the value of your property!

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