The importance of school uniform for children*

There is always a time in a child's life where they will question why they need to wear a uniform to school. It is worth discussing with your child the importance of a school uniform and the benefits it has on them. School uniforms are a great way to develop a sense of togetherness among students as well as staff. It improves safety, study ethic and reduces the potential for bullying as well. Here is some advice on the importance of school uniforms for children.

It creates unity. When students where the same clothes every day to school, it evens out the road ahead. Children all start at the same point as any expectations of what to wear are removed. Without a uniform, children from poorer backgrounds could feel out of place as their parents would not be able to keep up with the latest trends and styles of clothing. It teaches children equality and that a person should not be identified or judged based on the clothes that they were or the background that they come from.

It reduces the chance of bullying. Without school uniforms being in place, the chances of children being teased or making fun of one another increases. Clothing is used to express oneself and this doesn't change when it comes to children. However, to children this can create a point of difference between each child and lead to unfortunate situations. A lack of school uniform could create diversions between students.

It increases safety. With significant colours being worn, students can immediately be recognised from a distance as a member of the school. Someone who is on site that is not wearing uniform can easily be identified as not part of the school. This also applies to outside of school grounds. On school trips, students will easily be identified in large crowds when they mix amongst others.

Put these factors together and it is easy to see why school uniforms are important for students.

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