How to raise an optimistic child*

Optimism is a skill that is critical for children in order for them to be happy, healthy and successful. Optimists are naturally less likely to become depressed or anxious and they do

better when it comes to school and work. There are more resilient and live longer as well. The good news is that optimism can be taught easily to a child. It is something that can easily be added into your daily routine without having to set time aside to teach your child about optimism on top of everything else. Here is how to raise an optimistic child, as advised by a private nursery in New York.

Model optimistic behaviour yourself. Stop complaining about everything and focus on the positive as much as possible. If your child is constantly listening to you complain and talk about negative things that happened in your day, it is more likely that they will also focus on the bad things that happen in their life too. Instead, talk about the best parts of your day and they will learn to pay more attention to the positive experiences in their life rather than the negative.

Use difficult situations to show your child how to look on the brighter side. Tell your child that there is both a good side and a bad side to everything. The key to making everything a good time is by putting more weight on the positive side of each situation. If your child is sick and missing out on exciting things at school, this could put a sour taste in their mouth and make them look at everything negatively. To make them think optimistically, you can tell them that they have a chance to get some extra rest and watch their favourite movie in bed.

Allow your child to dream big. Don't limit them and allow them to explore their imagination. If your child views themselves as the best version possible, it is a great way to practise optimism without realising.

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