What are the Different Learning Styles for Children?*

The way that we process and absorb information varies. Some prefer verbal instructions whilst others like having the opportunity to get stuck in and implement what they’ve learned. This is what is known as our “learning style” and it differs from person to person. Your child will have their own and working this out can help them to get the most out of their education and succeed. While there are several different forms of learning styles, the 3 that are the most commonly referred to and known about are “visual”, “kinaesthetic” and “auditory”. We’ve teamed up with a group of teachers to share some points on each and tips on how you can use this information to your advantage.

Kinaesthetic Learners
If your child’s a kinaesthetic learner, they will like having a go at things themselves. They tend to enjoy subjects like science and technology as they can experiment and apply themselves. You can engage a kinaesthetic learner with educational games and activities that allow them to discover new things like field trips.

Visual Learners
These are people that are able to remember from what they recall seeing, almost photographically. These children can improve their learning with tools such as highlighters and crayons that make it easier for them to read and differentiate between their notes. It may also be worthwhile asking their teacher for a spot at the front of their class as it can make sure that they can see what’s on the board.

Auditory Learners
Individuals that remember through sound are known as auditory learners. They appreciate having instructions repeated, the tone of voice in which they are said and clarity. This is why it’s important that they are also sat at the front as it ensures that they can hear clearly.

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