Why Are Drama Lessons Important for Children?*

Schools teach a multitude of subjects, including performing arts. Children have the option to take on drama lessons and consider a career in theatre. Aside from that, there are many benefits to studying drama. It can help children with their confidence as they will need to tackle their nerves and perform in front of others. Other subjects don’t necessarily allow children to exercise their presentation skills, despite many of the job roles that they lead to requiring them (for example, business). If you’re intrigued to learn more about the benefits of drama lessons for children, keep reading as we have some that were shared with us by a group of teachers in Guildford.

Group Work
We don’t always get the first pick of who we want to work with. For a production to work, children need to all work together. This requires team working skills and co-operation. Despite whether they want to pursue an acting career, your child will need these skills in the workplace when they are older and everyday within social settings.

Strengthening Memory
For a performance, rehearsals are needed and lines must be memorised as failing to do so doesn’t look very professional. This can help children to strengthen their memory as it exercises and grows the part of the brain responsible for that.

Emotional Intelligence
For acting to be believable, children must do a good job at imitating and portraying different emotions. They must develop their emotional intelligence and know what each emotion looks like. This practice and understanding can help them in real life as they will encounter social situations where they will need to be able to read body language.

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