How Do I Keep My Child Motivated to Learn*


Children can be difficult to engage, especially now as there are so many distractions around us. This can make homework quite the challenge but nonetheless, it needs to be done. It is a pivotal part of school as their teachers will need your help to make sure that what they are taught in class is practised and familiarised. If you’re a parent that faces similar struggles, we have just the tips for you from a co-ed senior school in London.

Make Their Studies Relevant to Them
I think many of us will agree that much of what we were taught had no practical use in the real world and the things that we would have liked to be taught weren’t. Unfortunately, it all must be covered by the curriculum and while boring, there are ways in which you can make it appealing to your child. You can think of scenarios where the concepts that they are taught would apply and involve their passions/interests.

Interactive Games
Children love their games so why not look for fun, interactive educational games for them to play? They are certainly more appealing than worksheets and have the potential to get them hooked. All of the practice will help them to improve on their ability and excel at school.

Ask Their Teacher
Teachers have a rare talent as many of us will have discovered from having to teach our children. They are skilled and trained at engaging young children and breaking concepts down into digestible chunks. If you’re struggling to help your child with their work, it may be work speaking to them. They may be able to offer tips and put you in the direction of some helpful parent resources

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