How to Build an Eco-Friendly Home*

Amidst another rise in energy prices, many households are looking for ways to cut down on their electricity and gas consumption. Making your home more environmentally friendly can help in addition to preserving and protecting the planet. Below we’ve included some ideas that were shared with us by a construction training firm.

We’re all familiar with insulation and if not, it’s what offers buildings protection against heat loss. While you’re spending hefty amounts on heating your home, approximately 35-45% escapes which in winter is a serious concern. Homes as old as those from the Second World War can be made more efficient and reduce heat loss by up to 92% through good insulation. When looking to improve yours, don’t forget about the floor. While much will escape through the roof and walls, 10% is lost through the floor which is often not known about.

Triple Glazing
Many of us have double glazed windows. Triple glazed windows offer further protection and reduce heat loss. However, it is worth noting that this can make it more difficult for heat to enter your building. If you want to be warm and toasty, you will need to use your heaters.

Making Sure That Everything is Airtight
Seals wear away and windows and frames chip over time. This can make your home more prone to heat loss and reduce your energy efficiency which is why they should be checked regularly.

Solar Panels
With energy costs in mind, why not collect your own to keep your bills down? If you can afford to pay the initial outlay, having solar panels can help you to save up to £729 on your bills a year. Also, if you are lucky enough to gather more energy than you consume, this can be sold to the national grid, making you an extra income.

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