Ottoman Beds: The Stylish Solution for Storage Problems


Ottoman beds are space-saving heroes that let you stash piles of household goods in their hidden storage compartments. Just lift the base to access the tidy trove.

The lift mechanism also means no straining to store and retrieve items. Thanks to their capacity to corral belongings without claiming extra square footage, ottoman beds are a perfect fit for pint-sized bedrooms and homes without airing cupboards.

What Are Ottoman Beds?

Imagine a classic divan bed frame outfitted with a superpower - the ability to unveil a secret storage area at the tug of a lever. That's an ottoman bed for you! Its sturdy base isn't solid at all. Instead, it lifts right up on smooth hydraulic lifts to uncover a sizable hollow space inside for storing all your stuff.

The expansive compartment can hold all your linens, clothes, and other bedroom wares. When not using its storage powers, the ottoman bed secures shut and looks like any ordinary bed frame with a firm base. Depending on the model, its lift-up portion flips up either from the bottom or side of the bed.

Benefits of Ottoman Beds 

They Open Upwards

Unlike traditional storage drawers that open outwards and require clear space in front, ottoman beds lift upwards to reveal the storage area inside. This means that ottoman beds can be placed flush against walls or in tight spaces where drawers cannot fully extend. 

Because ottoman beds don't need any clearance around them for the storage compartment to open, they can be situated anywhere in a bedroom to maximise floor space.

Storage Space

The main advantage of ottoman beds is their expansive storage capacity, which they provide while taking up no more floor space than a conventional bed.

The storage area stays clean, dry, and hidden behind the bed's base. The lift mechanism makes it simple to access items when needed.

Pictured: Bedmr Oscar 3FT Single Wooden Ottoman Bed. Priced £439 (Save £60 on RRP) Available from Bedstar.

Space Saving

Ottoman beds provide ideal storage solutions when the room area is tight. Tucking storage spaces under the mattress takes advantage of space that would otherwise go unused. 

The built-in compartments eliminate the need for a separate dresser or wardrobe to house bedding, clothes, and other items.

Easy Accessibility

The gas pistons that lift the base make opening and closing easy. Side-opening models let you access belongings without walking around to the foot of the bed. Ottoman beds have a device to prevent accidental closing when open.

Pictured: Bedmr Francis 3FT Single Wooden Ottoman Bed – Grey. Priced £459 (Save £140 on RRP) Available from Bedstar. 

Stylish and Practical

Ottoman beds come in various colours, fabrics, and designs to coordinate with any bedroom's decor. Wood, leather, upholstered, and tufted velvet styles give you attractive options to match your taste. 

Placement Tips

Measure carefully to get the right size ottoman bed for your room's dimensions and layout. Side-opening models need space on one or both sides for the lift-up portion to open without hitting walls or furniture.

Leave adequate access space in front of the bed so you can easily utilise the storage area—don't crowd the area with furniture like bedside cabinets or lamps. Position any bedroom furniture or accessories to optimise access to your ottoman storage.

Pictured: Kaydian Medburn 4FT 6 Double TV Ottoman Bed - Marbella Grey. Priced £1499 (Save £500 on RRP) Available from Bedstar. 

Summing Up

Ottoman beds elegantly solve storage needs in compact spaces. Stashing spare linens, off-season apparel, and other bedroom items in the expansive lift-top compartment keeps clutter out of sight without claiming square footage. The handy lift mechanism makes it a cinch to access stored belongings whenever needed.

With choices ranging from refined wood tones to lavish leather upholstery, ottoman beds blend storage prowess with attractive design, too. They provide a fashionable and functional storage fix for small rooms without an airing cupboard.

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