The Benefits of Music & Drama for Children*

Music and drama are both very beneficial subjects for children to explore at a young age. They are able to develop a range of skills through performing arts that will support them in other areas of life. In this guide we explore some of the main advantages of music and drama lessons for children.

Music & Drama Lessons Enhance a Child’s Confidence
In music and drama lessons, there are lots of opportunities for your child to try out singing, playing an instrument, or performing in a theatre production in front of a large group of people. All of these activities give your child the opportunity to overcome their fears and anxieties to show what they are capable of. The sense of pride and achievement that comes from performing in front of an audience will show them how far they have come, as well as giving them a huge surge of confidence. This then transpires into other areas of life.

Music Provides an Opportunity to Explore Different Instruments
A large part of music development is the ability to try instruments or pick them up as lessons. The Best Independent School in London, for example, provides a wide range of instrument lessons for children to explore, as well as choir rehearsals, musical ensembles, and theatre productions.

Provided your child’s school has a myriad of options for children to help them with their musical development, your child will be able to pick up instruments that they have a keen interest in. Pursuing lessons in a particular instrument is known to have many benefits for children, including improved coordination, enhanced memory and more.

Music & Drama Teaches Your Child About Accountability
A lot of accountability is held on students, and even adults, when it comes to doing anything within the music and drama sector. For example, if your child is in an upcoming drama production at school, they will need to get themselves organised. Each member of the production has a responsibility to make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible. It therefore gives children an opportunity to practice communication, solve problems as they occur, and how to find common ground among other students and teachers helping the production.

No matter your child’s age there will always be opportunities for them to explore music and drama. They could even turn into serious passions. Encourage your child to try out an instrument, or enter drama lessons, to see what could be the right path for them.

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