5 Educational Activities to Try During the Summer Holidays*

There are a host of activities you could try out with your child this summer to break up these few weeks off they receive each year. Here are 5 recommendations that this private girls school in London shares with us.

1. Try out an outdoor activity centre
Lots of outdoor activities can be explored now that it’s drier in the summer months. You could both head down to an activity centre in the forest or a national park in your local area. Or your child could try something more extreme like heading down on a zipwire or a trapeze in the woods. So long as these activities are age appropriate for your child they will have a fun time learning about what fun they can have.

2. Head to the beach
If you are lucky to have a sunny day in the UK you can easily head to the beach to improve your child’s exploration skills. Bring the bucket, spade and towels so that they can enjoy heading into the sea, making sandcastles and collecting seashells. A childhood experience is not complete without a trip to the seaside.

3. Go on a hike
Heading up a nearby mountain or getting a long walk in to find a vantage point can teach your child about how to enjoy what’s around them in their local area. With so many beautiful hikes and walks to discover with your child it’s also a huge learning opportunity for them. You can head out together to talk about life, difficulties they might be having in school, or nerves for the upcoming school year and reassure them.

4. Make a boat to push downstream
Have a look at some of the rubbish and recycled materials you have in the home and cut them up to make a boat. Your child can help you pick out the materials and stick everything together. If you want you can encourage your child to decorate the boat before pushing down a river. Remember to place this boat in an area you or your child can pick back up easily.

5. Set up a tent and go camping
Camping could be another option you could explore, even if you set up the tent in your garden. This will help your child learn more about the wilderness and learn how to handle themselves in a safe environment. Camping in any capacity is also such a rewarding experience that can teach children about adversity.

So there are many activities you could explore with your child, and they don’t have to be expensive to organise either. Have fun, and enjoy your summer break!

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