Tips for Encouraging Your Child to Be Grateful*

Children can express their gratitude quite simply by remembering to say please and thank you, but it isn’t the only way that they can go about making those around them feel special. We’ve teamed up with a private school in Kent to share a few sincere ways that children can develop an appreciation for those around them and express how grateful they are.

Thank You Letters
While pre-made cards are pretty, there’s something about a handwritten letter. Taking the time to write a handwritten letter is a thoughtful way of showing someone you appreciate them. Your child can do this for their teachers and others in their life they have to be thankful for.

A Gratitude Jar
This is more of a personal act but helps children in reflecting on what they have to be grateful for and appreciating the things/people they have in their life. What your child will need to do is make a note of all the things they have to be thankful for and enter them in a jar.

Keeping a Gratitude Journal
Similarly, if they wish, they can keep a log of the things that make them happy in a gratitude journal.

Helping Others
In addition to exercising gratitude, children should be taught that it’s better to give than it is to receive. To help them form this outlook and a desire to help others, look for ways that they can give back. That might be through giving to charity, or volunteering for a good cause. It can be an eye-opening experience and allow them to see how much we take for granted.

Of course, as with all the lessons you try and impart on your child, you should be sure to follow them yourself and set a good example. Remember to use your manners, show appreciation to those around you and give back where you can.

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