Exploring Creative Writing with Your Child*

Whether your child has aspirations of becoming a writer, or has completely unrelated goals, creative writing is an invaluable skill to develop. It helps children in communicating themselves effectively and can actually be quite fun. Here are a few activities from a private school in Surrey to practise the skill with your child.

Journal writing
A nice way to introduce writing into your child’s routine is journaling. If successful and they enjoy it, they will get writing on a more frequent basis which in turn will help them improve on their writing skills.

Story Writing
Another activity you can explore is story writing. Your child can create their own novel, like those that they like reading. They will have full creative freedom and can base their stories on whatever they like. This can be a tricky task, especially if it’s not something they've done before so you may need to help them create a skeleton before they can get writing.

Build Their Vocabulary
Writing becomes easier when you have a good bank of words at your disposal. So, to help enrich their writing, look at ways that you can grow your child’s vocabulary. One of the best ways to do this is to read often. As they read, children simultaneously learn new words and understand what they mean through the context they are used in.

A Letter

This could be to family members that live across the country, or their headmaster. The point of this activity is to teach children how to structure letters correctly and help them in practising their writing skills.

To Conclude
While these are great activities to explore with children, be sure they are ones that your child is actually interested in. Perhaps incorporate their favourite tv shows, or a theme that they can easily write about.

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