What skills will my child develop at nursery?*

As a parent, the thought of sending your little one off to nursery can be both exciting and daunting. This is because it is the start of your child’s academic journey, with the nerves building up as you look for the perfect nursery. In many cases, the perfect nursery is all about what your little one will do and learn during their times that they attend. The majority of the time, this will come in the form of the Early years foundation stage, which sets standards of learning and development for little children. Read on to find out what skills your child will develop at nursery, as advised by this day nursery in Richmond.

Social skills
Nursery is usually the first-time young children get to spend regular periods of time with others of a similar age. This is great as social interaction with other children will allow them to make friends as well as learn how to share, take turns and play well amongst others. Social skills are required in every aspect of life, with this only laying down the basic foundation.

Communication skills
Through the interaction with peers and nursery teachers, your child will also begin to slowly develop their communication skills, whilst increasing their vocabulary and language. This is vital as they will be taught how to communicate their feelings and interact with people who aren't from their family circle. By simply playing and being amongst other children, your little one will be provided with the opportunity to gain a better understanding of other people's feelings too.

Problem-solving skills
Problem solving is a skill every individual needs to perfect as obstacles are only inevitable. The development of problem-solving skills begin in early years, with nursery teaching and stretching their skills to ensure they are prepared for future activities and interactions.

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