How to Raise an Academically Minded Child*

Being inclined to develop a child’s academic skill set will give your child plenty of learning opportunities and options. Having those options will ensure your child knows how they would want to learn in the future, and so teaching your child to be academically minded will work greatly in their favour.
Here are some ways you can help your child learn to enjoy the academic world.

Read to your child from an early age
Reading should feel fun and exciting - having a book to pick up on a regular basis will give your child the foundations of language. It will also lean into the possibility that reading would be a good hobby for your child. Reading will help your child with their creative skills, cognitive ability and build on their vocabulary.

Establish a good sleeping routine
It may not seem like the highest priority on your mind, but a sleeping pattern does have lasting effects on your child’s memory and academic talents. It also reduces the amount of stress your child will have, as they won’t be as moody or overwhelmed by the day if they get at least 8 hours of rest.

Use lots of different brain exercises
Using riddles, brain games, and board games will give your child a better chance to develop their critical thinking skills. These are great to have on standby when you and your child are going on a long trip together and need something to distract them with for a while. You could also buy word search books, add sudoku games to your phone for them to try out, or play games like I Spy in the car.

Make time to explore
Heading out into the great outdoors is going to make children feel a lot more connected with the world. It’s also a great backdrop to talk about whatever comes to mind; your child could feel more comfortable asking open questions to you and talking about the world. All of these greatly boost a child’s knowledge and creativity.

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