How to Make Grammar More Fun for Children*

Grammar shouldn’t feel like a chore, but it can be for children when they feel they aren’t getting the best out of their English language learning and development. It is unfortunately a core part of what your child should be learning on a regular basis, and will help them work on other areas of study.

To make things more fun in terms of grammar skills, here are some methods you could try out.

Use songs and rhymes
The I before E song is infamous for this reason, and it is one example of what your child can remember for many years to come. If it’s something that’s repeated over and over it’s going to stick in a child’s mind which is why it’s so important to keep up with songs and rhymes. You can buy books to pick up new songs, or follow along to videos and playlists online.

Use a reward scheme
Having a reward ready for each time a child improves is a good incentive for children. And it helps your child know how far they’ve come with their skills. If your child isn’t feeling as motivated to do their grammar homework, for instance, you could show your child the prospect of having something to look forward to after it’s done.

Read lots of grammar-based books
Learning books are designed to get children thinking, which is why it will help massively if your child picks them up. Having a good sense of where your child can improve will come through in picture books and stories. Other books can teach your child where to spot mistakes, or find new ways to write sentences. Reading in itself will also help your child with their grammar development.

Grammar is going to be an important aspect when your child begins to write essays, has to get involved in healthy debates, and for their own development of the English Language. Lean into it often, and switch things up from time to time to keep your child interested, especially when they find grammar a tedious skill to keep up.

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