Top tips for helping your child with their homework*

When it comes to encouraging a child to do their homework, there are many things that can be done. Children whose parents show interest in their school life are a lot more successful as it shows them that what they do is important. Helping a child with their homework doesn't mean you have to be sat at a desk for hours on end, solving equations together. Instead, it means small things that can support your child’s study time by helping them with their organisational skills or simply telling them to take a well deserved break. Here are some top tips for helping your child with their homework.

Know their teachers and what they are looking for in your child. small efforts such as attending school events and meeting your child's teacher on a regular basis can show care for what your child does when you are not around. ask the teachers about homework policies and how you can be more involved with your child studies.

Set up an area that is homework friendly for your child. If you are finding that your child is struggling to complete their homework, it could be due to the space that they are working in. Ensure the area you create for them as well-lit and of a good temperature so that they are able to concentrate when working. Provide them with the tools they need such as pencils, pens, rulers and other bits of stationary that they may need whilst completing their homework.

Create a regular study time so that they are able to complete their work stress free. If your child has an allocated time to complete their homework, one where they are not able to use their devices or play with their friends, there is a big chance that they will complete their homework. Not only will this help them get into a good routine for when it reaches exam period, but will get their homework completed by the deadline every time.

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