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Whether you’ve just enrolled in a new university or college, nothing can be more stressful than moving. Moving with your stuff into student halls, private accommodation can be a pain.

Today I am sharing some tips and hacks on how to make moving in day as stress-free as possible!

Ask for help, do not afraid to ask for help and advice from asking what you need to pack or how to cook your favourite meal. If you are not fortunate to know someone with transport, there are lots of reasonably priced local removal companies that can not can transport your goods to your halls.

Don't leave it to the last minute, whatever you do, do not leave packing to the last minute. Not only will this make the move even more stressful you will definitely to forget to back some important items

Invest in vacuum pack zip Lock bags, pack large items such as duvet, pillows and towels into Zip Lock bags. You can literally stuff them into a bag, vacuum the air out and you will be left with a solid brick which is really easy to carry around and is waterproof perfect in case it starts to rain when you are moving in.

Pack your suitcases, you can get away with packing heavy things in suitcases since their wheels make them easy to move. Use suitcases to pack things that aren’t easily transported in boxes, such as books.

Keep your clothes together, bunch your clothes together into a bin liner, pull the liner over the clothes and tie up. This will keep your clothes and hangers organised and easy to pack away in your new home.

Get some multi-use plastic boxes, cardboard moving boxes break under its own weight while you were carrying break under its own weight while you were carrying them. Plastic boxes are not only stronger, but you can use them over and over again. As they are stackable they are perfect for student accommodation where space is limited.

Put together a moving essentials bag, pack a small bag with the personal items you’ll need access to during your move and right after you’ve arrived at your new place, such as ID, course documents, medications, chargers, basic toiletries, a couple of changes of clothes, etc

Order items to your new accommodation, save time and space packing by ordering items to your digs. Items such as toiletries, extensions leads or even bigger items such as a TV

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