How To Choose The Right Removal Company

The thought of moving house, transferring items to storage or changing offices is not appealing to many. In case you have ever been involved in a move before, you are well aware of all the countless things required to complete a move.

Finding the right company to contract for your move is not easy. There are many things to think about, how much do removals companies cost if I use only a man and a van company? will they unpack my boxes when they get to my new home?

Today we are sharing some tips on how to choose the right removal company;

Reviews and Recommendations
A good place to start looking for a removal firm you can trust is to people you know. This can be friends, family or your property move team such as your estate agent or conveyancer. When you get in touch with a removal company always ask if they have online testimonials or positive reviews that they can direct you to. Keep in mind that no company will expect 100% positive reviews, because you can never please everyone. Instead, read up on reviews and get a general feel for how they perform and how happy their previous customer base has been. 

Do your Research
Does the company have insurance to cover any breakage that can occur during the moving process? One of the most common mistakes made by people is choosing a company which does not provide removal service in their area. Local companies can be more helpful and friendly, while national companies might have more professional credentials.  Speak to the company about any concerns you have and don't be afraid to ask them questions. After all, your goods need to be in safe hands and you need to feel confident that the company you have chosen to work with are the right people for the job. 

Check The Rates And Compare
Company rates is the main thing consideration when it comes to choosing a service. But since there are various other companies offering the same service you require comparing the quotes to get right service at a competitive price rate. The cheapest company may not be the most reliable one. You can try and negotiate the price or see if you can get some extras included. Remember that you need to compare what they offer as well as price, because sometimes very cheap services will mean that you need to pay out for extras, which you have have been able to avoid if you went for a more comprehensive service with someone else.

Packing Services
It is important to find out what packing services the company offers. Inquire about what packing materials they use and ask how they would pack and protect your valuables. Speak to them if you have any specific items that you are worried about in terms of being looked after and make sure that they know to pay extra attention to the more delicate pieces. 

Have you moved house before? How did you pick the removal company that you chose? 

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