Thursday, July 21, 2022

The sun’s out and school is out for summer! London hosts some of the best family friendly restaurants and its even better when it’s warm out. It’s time to organise some awesome adventures with the family. And with the weather being rather beautiful lately it is the perfect time to head down into London for some culinary delights.

So here, is a list of family-friendly restaurants in London you need to check out;

If you like interesting and flavoursome Indian street food, you will love Dishoom. They have multiple locations around London and the UK, including Kings Cross. They only take a limited number of reservations for 6 or more for dinner. Head down for breakfast so you won’t have to wait in line, plus their breakfast menu is amazing and child friendly. It is one of the coolest restaurants in London, with a amazing art deco theme. A fun addition is the downstairs kitchen where the kids will be able to watch the chefs in action.

Opted for the Kejriwal, which is chilli cheese on toast and eggs, which was delicious with a bit of a kick. If you order a regular chai staff will come around and offer to refill it for you for free which is great. Breakfast is served from 8am until 11:45 am weekdays and from 9am to 11.45am on weekends.

Jungle Cave
Did you know Rainforest Cafe in Piccadilly Circus is now known as Jungle Cave London ? There are trees, leaves and animals everywhere. The sounds that they play resembles the sounds you would hear in a jungle, you can even hear a thunderstorm.

They have a pretty large menu which includes wings, steak sandwiches and classic burgers. Younger guests are welcome to order from our main menu, just like the grown-ups. However there is of course a children menu available

Jungle Cave is located right in the heart of the West End at Piccadilly Circus, so afterwards why don't you take a scroll around Chinatown or take in the sights around Buckingham Palace.

K Town BBQ
Who doesn't love a buffet?

At the heart of Korean Town, New Malden, South West London, lies one of Asia’s best kept culinary secrets – K-TOWN. You don’t have to go all the way to South Korea to taste Korea. 

The restaurant offers an all you can eat style buffet of marinated and non marinated meats, seafood and cooked meat for only £25 per person and for kids you pay their age.
Although you have a time limit of 90 minutes, that is ample of time to indulge in all the amazing food.

Bancone, meaning ‘bar’ or ‘counter’ is situated on William IV Street in Covent Garden. They have three dining bars where you can relax and eat while watching the chefs at work in their fully open kitchen. Their menu takes inspiration from many of the 21 regions of Italy and their pasta is skilfully made in-house every day. They also offer a range of gluten free pasta doesn't compromise on taste.

What is your go to family friendly restaurant? Any recommendations on places to eat?

Monday, July 11, 2022

Although the hot weather is nice when you’re wanting to do things like the school run or days out, these last few days have been extremely hot – and the weather says they’re only likely to get hotter! So, here are some tips for surviving summer when you’re plus size . 

Take it Slow 

Rushing around in this weather is going to do no one any good – so make sure you take your time. If you have somewhere to be then leave in plenty of time so you’re not rushing around, or panicking when public transport is late or you get stuck in traffic. Instead, you want to be able to go at your own pace so you can stay as comfortable as possible.  

Drink Lots 

It’s not new advice but definitely something many of us could benefit from – drinking more! Yes, a few cocktails in the sun can seem tempting but you definitely want to make sure you stay hydrated. Keep an eye on loved ones, friends, kids and pets too – access to ice lollies, ice cubes and a variety of cold drinks definitely helps. Stock up the fridge and remind yourself often that you should be drinking plenty; so that you don’t get ill.  

Dress for Comfort 

Dressing for comfort is a must. If that makes wearing shorts or getting your bingo wings out then go for it. Wearing layers because you feel others won’t want to see your fluffy arms or your big thighs just leaves you feeling hotter than you need to. It’s also worth investing in things like chub rub shorts, because this hot weather can play havoc with bigger thighs & that’s definitely something to avoid.  

If you have any tips for surviving summer when you’re plus size I’d love to hear them 

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