Surviving Summer When Plus Size

Although the hot weather is nice when you’re wanting to do things like the school run or days out, these last few days have been extremely hot – and the weather says they’re only likely to get hotter! So, here are some tips for surviving summer when you’re plus size . 

Take it Slow 

Rushing around in this weather is going to do no one any good – so make sure you take your time. If you have somewhere to be then leave in plenty of time so you’re not rushing around, or panicking when public transport is late or you get stuck in traffic. Instead, you want to be able to go at your own pace so you can stay as comfortable as possible.  

Drink Lots 

It’s not new advice but definitely something many of us could benefit from – drinking more! Yes, a few cocktails in the sun can seem tempting but you definitely want to make sure you stay hydrated. Keep an eye on loved ones, friends, kids and pets too – access to ice lollies, ice cubes and a variety of cold drinks definitely helps. Stock up the fridge and remind yourself often that you should be drinking plenty; so that you don’t get ill.  

Dress for Comfort 

Dressing for comfort is a must. If that makes wearing shorts or getting your bingo wings out then go for it. Wearing layers because you feel others won’t want to see your fluffy arms or your big thighs just leaves you feeling hotter than you need to. It’s also worth investing in things like chub rub shorts, because this hot weather can play havoc with bigger thighs & that’s definitely something to avoid.  

If you have any tips for surviving summer when you’re plus size I’d love to hear them 

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