How to Shop for Gym Clothing on a Budget

 Getting fit and staying active shouldn't mean breaking the bank on gym clothing. You can still find high-quality, stylish gear without spending a fortune. Here’s how to shop for gym clothing on a budget, including essentials like mens performance shorts and gym shirts.

1. Set a Budget

Before you start shopping, determine how much you’re willing to spend. Setting a budget helps you stay focused and avoid impulse purchases. Remember, it’s about finding quality pieces at affordable prices, not just the cheapest options available.

2. Shop Sales and Discounts

Take advantage of sales, discounts, and clearance sections. Many stores have seasonal sales where you can find gym clothing at a fraction of the original price. Sign up for newsletters from your favourite sportswear brands and retailers to stay updated on upcoming sales and exclusive discounts.

  • Top Tips: Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and post-holiday sales are excellent times to shop for discounted gym wear. Retailers like Sports Direct, Decathlon, and TK Maxx often have great deals on workout gear.

3. Explore Online Marketplaces

Online marketplaces like eBay, Depop, and Vinted can be gold mines for budget-friendly gym clothing. You can find gently used or even new items at lower prices. Just ensure to check the seller’s ratings and reviews before making a purchase.

  • Pro Tip: Use filters to narrow down your search for specific items like mens performance shorts or gym shirts to save time.

4. Buy Basics and Mix and Match

Invest in versatile basics that can be mixed and matched. Neutral-coloured gym shirts and mens performance shorts can be paired with various items, creating multiple outfits with fewer pieces.

  • Must-Haves: A few plain t-shirts, a couple of pairs of shorts, and some basic leggings or joggers can go a long way. Look for items in black, grey, or navy for maximum versatility.

5. Look for Multi-Packs

Multi-packs offer great value for money. Many brands sell gym shirts and mens performance shorts in packs of two or more at a lower price per item compared to buying them individually.

  • Where to Find: Check out stores like Primark, H&M, and Amazon for multi-pack deals on gym basics.

6. Check Out Outlet Stores

Outlet stores often carry last season’s items at reduced prices. You can find high-quality gym clothing from top brands without paying full price.

  • Top Outlet Destinations: Nike Outlet, Adidas Outlet, and Puma Outlet have excellent deals on a wide range of workout gear, including mens performance shorts and gym shirts.

7. DIY Your Gym Gear

If you’re crafty, consider DIY options. You can upcycle old t-shirts into workout tanks or customize plain gym shirts with fabric paint or iron-on patches. This not only saves money but also gives you unique, personalized workout gear.

8. Prioritize Quality Over Quantity

While it’s tempting to buy the cheapest options available, prioritizing quality ensures your gym clothing lasts longer. Look for moisture-wicking fabrics and durable materials that can withstand frequent washing and intense workouts.

  • Smart Shopping: Read reviews and do a bit of research to find budget-friendly brands known for good quality. Brands like Decathlon and Fabletics offer affordable yet durable gym wear.


Shopping for gym clothing on a budget doesn’t mean sacrificing quality or style. By setting a budget, shopping sales, exploring online marketplaces, and prioritizing versatile basics, you can build a functional and stylish workout wardrobe without breaking the bank. Remember to look out for mens performance shorts and gym shirts in multi-packs and outlet stores for the best deals. Happy shopping, and enjoy your workouts in your new, budget-friendly gear!

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