The Benefits of Journaling for Children*

Journaling is a very popular pastime for children who will explore more about themselves and what they can learn in terms of literacy and grammar skills. There is also the freedom for children to write about whatever they like in their free time which can improve their creativity and confidence. 

We explore the many benefits journaling has for children and how it will become a huge part of many skills they hope to develop. 

Helps your child with their literacy development

A lot of your child’s confidence in writing in a diary every day, or at least every week, will give them a lot of opportunities to improve their writing and reading. Their grammar is likely to naturally develop over time, and they have more time to pinpoint their mistakes. With time for children to just write freely they get to explore new words, how to put together sentences and improve their language skills. 

Improves your child’s mental health 

With a private outlet to express their feelings they will often turn to their journal to write out how their day went and what they could have done differently. In a lot of ways, writing about your experiences can help you put things into perspective and it makes a lot of difference when you write things out - regardless of age. 

If you encourage your child to write in a journal they will have the chance to think about what they will learn from confrontations, relationships and solving problems in the real world. They can break down the issues they are having and see things in a new way, making them feel happier and more comfortable.

Journaling has many important benefits and can be used by schools to help children feel comfortable in learning new vocabulary, grammar skills and pronunciation. The best private primary schools in East London recommend that children continually improve their reading and writing skills, which will slowly improve when they keep a diary or at least write every day.

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