5 Unique Birthday Party Ideas for Kids*

When planning a children’s birthday party, there are a few things that you will need to consider. First off, you will need a rough estimate of the guests you will be expecting so that you can organise food and make adequate preparations. Entertainment also is a must, and possibly one of the most important things to organise for a children’s birthday party. To help you in planning, here a few ideas from a school providing venue hire in Watford.

1. Pool Party
If weather permits, you can set up a pool for the children to splash around and have fun. Alternatively, you may decide to opt for a swimming centre with a large enough swimming pool and floats to accommodate.

2. Hire a Clown
Another great option is to hire a clown. They are joyful cartoon-like characters that make children laugh and can give them something to remember the day by. However, there’s the chance that your guests may be afraid of them. If you are thinking of inviting one to your party, be sure to check with other parents.

3. Set Up a Craft Table
Children love crafting. For the fun element of the day, you can set up a table for them to create friendship bracelets and other cool makes. This will give them something to take home and make the experience a memorable one.

4. Soft Play
Soft play centres make the perfect location for early birthday parties. Children have lots to keep them entertained from climbing frames and ball pits to small rides. Many also have catering available which can make their party even easier to organise.

5. Musical Chairs
Classic birthday party games like musical chairs always work a charm. All you will need is a playlist, enough chairs for your guests and the space for everyone to be able to get around

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