How to make maths more fun for kids*

Maths can be a challenging subject for children, especially if it is a subject that they find boring or difficult. However, the simultaneous groans heard when you mention maths don’t have to be part of the daily routine if you make some small changes to the way you approach it. Maths is a subject that can be enjoyed like any other, as long as the process is varied. It is important to note that there is no one size fits all answer to the way you can approach this as the process of maths is understood and viewed differently by each and every individual. Keep reading for some advice from this senior school in Northwood on how to make maths more fun for kids.

Use games and puzzles
Children love games and puzzles, so using them to teach maths lessons can make learning a lot more enjoyable. Don’t feel as though you have to invent your own, as there are many maths games and puzzles available online that can help little ones learn basics maths skills, including addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. For example, you can play maths bingo or matching games to help children learn numbers or important facts.

Provide positive reinforcement
Alongside these new approaches to learning, positive reinforcement is just as important to making maths more enjoyable for kids. Be sure to encourage them to ask questions and make mistakes as they are only a stepping stone up to success. Praise them for their efforts and progress as this is what will let them know that there are rewards to be found in this simple subject as well.

Use technology
Technology can be a great tool to make maths more fun and appealing to children. There are many apps and websites available that are designed to make learning maths interactive and enjoyable. Virtual reality is a growing form of entertainment and can also be used for learning. Take advantage of this simple tool to change up maths lessons for good.

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