5 Outdoor Learning Activities for Children*

Outdoor learning is a whole new unique experience. It helps your child learn about how to use their skills in the outside world while also having fun and developing their knowledge. Here are 5 outdoor activities you could try with your child come rain or shine.

1. Treasure Hunt
To solve problems in quick succession you could set up a big treasure hunt. There’s a lot to learn from putting trinkets in all kinds of places, or putting chocolate and sweets out to be hidden. The more your child runs around to try and find these little pieces of treasure the more likely they are to build their decision making and critical thinking skills.

2. Gardening
It may seem like something children wouldn’t get into, but gardening is a good activity to try out with your child. When picking out plants together you can let them pick out what could look good, or what they gravitate towards. Then, when your child is ready, get them to place the seeds into the soil and see their progress each week.

3. Cycling
Physical activities are just as important to children as solving mind games and puzzles. A child will find a lot of benefits to physical activities, and teaching your child to ride a bike is a really good incentive. Many kids want to learn to cycle, and heading out on your bikes together is a good way of seeing the world and discovering something new.

4. Unstructured outdoor play
When playtime doesn’t have a plan it makes things a lot easier for children to decide on. Outdoor play time can include using bubble machines, playing catch, water play with a paddling pool or hide and seek.

5. Making flags with plants
Trees, leaves, plants and flowers can all be used in making flags you could stick up around your child’s playhouse or in a vase on the windowsill. Ask your child to pick up all the discarded parts from plants that they find and make some little pieces they could stick together.

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