The Benefits of "The Arts" for Children*

Art is beneficial for children in that it helps them to explore their creativity and become better thinkers. They are encouraged to think originally to create their own concepts and designs. There’s also the fact that it’s an enjoyable activity. It can help children to destress as studies have found that when creating art, dopamine is stimulated (a neurotransmitter that makes us feel happy). Aside from these benefits, there are many more reasons as to why you should encourage your child to take up an art. Below are some that were shared with us by a performing arts school in London.

1. Self-Expression
Art is a funnel for children to express themselves. They have the power to create what they like and can use it as an outlet to express their thoughts and feelings.

2. History and Culture
The arts also teach us about our culture. Whether you’re looking at music or theatre, it’s changed through the decades which can give children an insight into what life was once like and strengthen their history knowledge.

3. Talents
Art is also a way for children to explore their talents. With the help of their teachers, they can work at them and improve their skills.

4. Fine Motor Skills
Children develop what are known as fine motor skills whilst they are young and strengthen them through regular practice. They are the skills needed to pinch, grip and hold, etc and require the smaller muscle tissues of the body. As art requires a steady hand, they are able to build upon their hand-eye coordination.

If your children’s passionate about art, they may benefit from attending a performing arts school. They will have the opportunity to work alongside children with similar aspirations and learn from those with real industry experience who can guide them. This is not to say that they’re shutting the door on their other talents and opportunities. At a stage school they will be able to learn a broad range of subjects that they would typically at a traditional school whilst specialising in their chosen area.

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