Helping Your Child Make New Friends*

Moving school can be hard, or any sort of change for that matter. It can take time to adjust to your surroundings and make friends. If your child’s in a similar situation, you may be able to help. While it may be awkward at first, reassure them that it’s okay to feel shy and nervous. It’s likely that those that they’re meeting feel exactly the same. It’s an exciting opportunity for them to make new friends and learn from those around them. Below we have some tips from a boarding school in Wales to help.

If your little one’s feeling stressed or suffers from anxiety, you may want to consider mindfulness. It's a set of methods that help shift focus when feeling overwhelmed and bring attention back to the present moment. They commonly involve breathing exercises and there are many more that you can experiment with to see which work.

Dealing with Different Types of Characters
They won’t always meet people that they get along with and vice versa. It’s okay and is a part of life. What’s important is that they are true to themselves. What sometimes happens is that children get wrapped up in the need to fit in and make friends that they lose sight of this.

Ask Questions
Once they’ve plucked up the courage to introduce themselves, they will need to make conversation. This can be tricky when talking to complete strangers, but the key is to listen and learn. Encourage them to ask questions and pay an interest. That way they will be able to see whether they will get along or not and form a basis for their friendship.

A good place to start would be to get socialising within their existing social circle. Arrange for playdates with friends and family so that they’re able to learn how to interact with others and have practice before starting school.

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