Things To Do Before Going on a Roadtrip

Going on a staycaction is a great way to get a holiday without the added hassle of travelling abroad. The UK has some amazing things to see so you want be stuck for places to visit. Going on a road trip gives you the added benefit of being able to see lots of sights on one holiday - here's how to get prepared.

Get Planning

Although being spontaneous on holiday can be lots of fun, it is wise to plan your rough and have an idea roughly of where you want to go. This gives you an opportunity to look up things like petrol stations and/or electric charging points before you go. Not only that, but it means you can plan the 'must-see' things of your trip and make sure they get ticked off the list.

Checking Your Vehicle

Much like you would give your car the once over for winter it is wise to do the same before going on any long journey. If you don't know much about cars then taking it to a mechanic to be serviced is a wise idea. Topping up things like oil and water are sensible too! If you want to be ultra prepared then packing a car kit is a good idea - things that you might need in an emergency breakdown for example. And, on that note - breakdown cover could be worth investigating!

Pack Sensibly

As well as packing for the things you want for your holiday, pack for emergencies too - a spare battery pack, some bottles of water, phone charger cables etc. Think of all the things you might wish you had if your car were to break down or you were delayed for any reason and ensure that you get as many of these packed on your trip before you set off on your road trip as possible.

If you have any tips on things to do before going on a road trip we'd love you to share them below!

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